End loneliness...
and find lasting love!

Over the past few years, pandemic restrictions and social isolation caused many people to feel lonelier than ever. It's hard seeing others snuggled up with their loved ones when you're all alone.

Many women are now eager to find love...but unsure how to go about it. If you haven't dated in many years, you may feel afraid to venture out to find a partner again...and dread the idea of online dating.

Or you may be tired of looking for love, and frustrated with the results you've been getting...wondering if there’s any good ones left.

It can be very discouraging if you’ve been through a number of relationships that haven’t worked out. You see happy couples holding hands, and relatives celebrating their milestone anniversaries...so when will it be your turn?

You may even be doubting yourself, wondering if there’s something wrong with you, or if you’re destined to live life alone.

But the problem isn’t you…it’s your approach to finding love!

Thankfully, there is a faster way to find the high-quality partner you want…without having to chase after them or go on endless dates! Once you master the art of attraction, finding your soulmate will be so much easier.

That’s why I created the Soulmate Attraction Summit.

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In this virtual training, you will discover:

  • The real reasons why you're still single 
  • What a truly healthy relationship looks like
  • How to avoid toxic partners
  • Why "rejection" is actually a good thing (and how to get past it)
  • How to consciously attract an evolved partner!

The Soulmate Attraction Summit uses a variety of tools to help you understand the destructive patterns and beliefs holding you back from real love. Through interactive learning and powerful transformational exercises, the Soulmate Attraction Summit will show you how to go from kissing frogs to attracting your dream partner.

Stop settling for partners who treat you poorly!!

It's YOUR TIME to find a high-caliber partner who makes you feel cherished and adored!

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A proven approach to finding love

Looking for love can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be – it can actually be fun!

How to avoid the wrong ones

Learn how spot red flags and avoid wasting time on the wrong people

How to attract your soulmate

Discover the love formula...the easier way to find your dream partner!

The secret to lasting love

Find out what it takes to not only find that special someone...but to keep them!


How to find the love of your life…

It's important to understand that there’s a big difference between finding "someone" and finding a life partner. The strategy is very, very different.

In fact, most advice out there focuses on superficial tactics for “catching a guy,” without consideration for whether you’d actually want to keep him!

That’s where the Soulmate Attraction Summit is different. During interactive training, you’ll learn tools and strategies for avoiding the wrong people and finding the right person for you…the one you’ll want to spend your life with.

You’ll also participate in transformational exercises that allow you to put into practice right away what you’ve learned, so that you experience the mental and emotional shifts you’ll need to ensure you no longer attract the "losers" and instead attract your ideal partner.

Meet your host...Karen Strang Allen

After my divorce, I had many lonely nights and wished I had someone to share life’s adventures with. So I went too fast, settled for less than what I wanted, and ended up in several relationships that weren't right for me.

Not because I was stupid. Not because there was something wrong with me. And certainly not because I deserved it. It happened because I ignored the red flags and didn't stand in my value.

So I took some time to learn how to enjoy being single, fall in love with me, and create an amazing life. And it was from this place of strength that I started attracting much higher-quality men, and helping other women find their ideal mates.

I’ve noticed that the women I coach tend to keep repeating the same relationship patterns. Over and over and over. But with some changes to what they're doing, they can learn to actually enjoy the process and find the love they desire.

I have over 10 years of training with the best in the business. I’ve trained and coached thousands of women over the past decade to help them heal their hearts, transform their lives, and attract love. And I would love to also help you find the love you’re looking for!


Who it's for

  • Single women looking for love
    (or wanting to know how to find love when they're ready)
  • Women in relationships who aren't sure if they're in the right one

What you'll get

  • A full day of interactive training
  • Inspirational meditations
  • Powerful transformational exercises
  • The presentation & handouts
  • The video recordings

When and where

Online workshop (watch when convenient for you!)

Incredible price!

The regular price for this training is only $197 plus tax
That's for a total value of over $1,000!

The best part? All event proceeds go to Women's Shelters Canada.

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Thank you so much for an amazing day. You provided so many tips and the speakers were so inspiring. I definitely learned lots from today.”

    Participant at Soulmate Attraction Summit 2021

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Thank you Karen, as always you didn't disappoint! It was fabulous and I have taken away a lot of things from this that I will use.”

    Participant at SAS 2021

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Truly fantastic workshop. I enjoyed it and learned a lot, and had some unexpected & emotional insights.”

    Participant at SAS 2018

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Thank you! I learned so much and made great connections with others. I feel much better…more positive about life and dating again! Merci!”

    Participant at SAS 2019

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Very impressive and inspirational! You are a great speaker and it shows how much energy and commitment you put into the whole topic of women and their issues. Thank you!”

    Participant at SAS 2019

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “It was great and empowering for me, especially to help me change my limited beliefs. I really enjoyed the partner work and the sharing and energetic exercises.”

    Participant at Soulmate Attraction Summit 2018

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “I learned so much and met such nice ladies too. I could see all the hard work you'd put into creating such a professional, high-quality presentation. You are doing a great job helping many women!”

    Participant at Soulmate Attraction Summit 2021


Join us for only $197 plus tax
That's a total value of over $1,000 at an 80% discount!

The best part? All event proceeds go to Women's Shelters Canada.