Lemons to Lemonade 

Have you gone through a break-up recently? Or was your break-up years ago, but you still feel hesitant about love and haven’t managed to find “the one”?

It can be frustrating (and painful) when a relationship ends. You’re a bright, high-quality woman…so why are things not working out for you in love?

The only way to end this struggle is to uncover your relationship patterns and discover how to change them once and for all. Once you know what your patterns are, you’ll spot them immediately and avoid going headlong into another dead-end relationship.

If you’re tired of unfulfilling relationships and want to learn how to avoid making the same mistakes again, this workshop is for you!

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What you'll learn

In this 60-minute online masterclass, you will discover:

Common mistakes

The top 5 mistakes people make after a break-up

Unhealthy patterns

The 7 most common unhealthy relationship patterns

Real love

How to get the love you deserve

Steps to change

The 4 steps to turn your heartbreak into breakthrough

Deeper truth

The secret to happiness as a single woman!

We start in:









Meet your host...Karen Strang Allen

Having lost my first husband to cancer at 22, separated from my second husband at 35, and suffered through several break-ups, I am no stranger to heartbreak.

After my divorce, I had many lonely nights and wished I had someone to share life’s adventures with. So I went too fast, settled for less than what I wanted, and ended up in several relationships that weren't right for me.

Not because I was stupid. Not because there was something wrong with me. And certainly not because I deserved it. It happened because I ignored the red flags and didn't stand in my value.

So I took some time to myself to enjoy being single, fall in love with me, and create an amazing life. And it was from this place of strength that I started attracting much higher-calibre men, and helping other women find their ideal mates.

I’ve noticed the women I coach tend to keep repeating the same relationship patterns. Over and over and over. But with some changes to what they're doing, they can learn to actually enjoy the process and find the love they desire.

I have 10 years of training with the best in the relationship and personal development industry. And I’ve coached hundreds of women over the past 8 years to help them heal their hearts, transform their lives, and attract REAL love!


When & where

Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Time: 8:00 - 9:00 pm ET

Attend this workshop virtually from the comfort of your own home (you just need a computer, tablet or a phone)!  The presentation will last roughly 60 minutes.

You will receive an email upon registration, and a reminder email the day of the event with details for how to join the meeting (please use your best email address so you actually receive the email).

And please pass this on to your friends, so they too can benefit!

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  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Great workshop! Really loved it and I highly recommend It! Very interesting and informative!”

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Fantastic workshop, Karen! I loved the visualizations and the examples to tie into the concepts. I loved that you shared your stories, it added a lot of credibility.”

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “I came to the workshop pessimistic about the outcome, thinking I would hear what I already heard before. It was refreshing to learn new tips and strategies that I can actually apply in my situation, so I have left my pessimism behind and am optimistic about my power and my future.”

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Thank you for tonight! I learned a lot about my patterns and myself!”

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Karen is very knowledgeable in the matters of the heart...Highly recommend her workshops!”