Finding love in 
these crazy times!

Finding love is challenging enough in modern times with online apps and social media, let alone adding a pandemic and social distancing!

If you’re like many women, you don’t want to spend a ton of time searching for “the one,” and you definitely don’t want to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince (or princess). Frankly, you'd rather hide at home in your PJs watching Netflix! :)

Thankfully, there is a way to make the process of finding love easier…even fun! The key is to understand how to *consciously* attract the right kind of partner. And to understand how to use social distancing to your advantage!!

That’s why I created Finding Love in These Crazy Times. Through interactive training and eye-opening content, this live virtual workshop will show you how to avoid costly mistakes and actually enjoy the process of finding the right partner for you.

Join me on Tuesday, March 9 at 7:30 pm ET! Can't attend on that date? There will be another live virtual event on April 6.


In this virtual workshop, you will discover:

  1. How finding love has changed in modern times (and since COVID)
  2. The 10 biggest mistakes people make when looking for love
  3. How to be safe when meeting strangers
  4. How to know if they’re into you
  5. The easier way to find your soulmate

Hosted by: 

Empowerment expert Karen Strang Allen loves helping single women turn their heartbreak into the best thing that ever happened to them. She helps them to take back their power and create a life they love, so they easily attract their dream partner.

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See you soon!