Never settle for the wrong partner again! 

Ditch baggage from past relationships, take control of your life, and rewrite your love story’s ending!

If you’ve ever been through a break-up, you know how painful it can be. Like many women, you’ve probably spent a lot of your life looking after others, and put a lot of your own needs aside. You may even feel like you barely know who you are without your partner, or how you’ll manage alone.

Meanwhile, you want a soulmate, but fear making the same mistakes again, wondering if you’ll ever find a good quality partner who gives as much to you as you give to them.

The solution is to step into your power and consciously create a life you truly love. That's why I created Heartbreak to Breakthrough.

This live virtual transformational event will show you how to go from feeling shackled to grief, resentment and anger, to feeling uplifted and free to live the life you want…either as a sensational single woman, or with your dream partner!

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At this live virtual one-day event, you'll become empowered to:

  • Understand the relationship patterns that imprison you
  • Discover why you’re choosing the wrong partners
  • Take back your power
  • Raise your standards for love
  • Develop renewed faith that you can have what you want!

It’s time to let the pain of the past go and change your love life destiny!

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A proven approach to recovering from heartbreak

Healing after a break-up takes on average 7 years! But it doesn’t have to...learn how to feel better sooner!

Heal your heart

Learn why you're choosing the wrong partners and participate in a powerful healing exercise to help you release the past

Take back your power

Discover the role you've played and rewrite your love story's ending!

Get what you want in love

Find out the real reasons you haven't found love yet and how to stop settling so you can find real love!

Meet your host...Karen Strang Allen

After my divorce, I had many lonely nights and wished I had someone to share life’s adventures with. So I went too fast, settled for less than what I wanted, and ended up in several relationships that weren't right for me.

Not because I was stupid. Not because there was something wrong with me. And certainly not because I deserved it. It happened because I ignored the red flags and didn't stand in my value.

So I took some time to myself to enjoy being single, fall in love with me, and create an amazing life. And it was from this place of strength that I started attracting much higher-calibre men, and helping other women find their ideal mates.

I’ve noticed the women I coach tend to keep repeating the same relationship patterns. Over and over and over. But with some changes to what they're doing, they can learn to actually enjoy the process and find the love they desire.

I have over a decade of training with the best in the relationship and personal development industry. And I’ve coached and trained thousands of women over the past 10 years to help them heal their hearts, transform their lives, and find love!


Who this event is for

This event is for women who:

  • recently went through a break-up or divorce
  • went through a break-up years ago but never fully healed
  • have a history of choosing the wrong partners
  • are currently in a relationship but aren't sure if it's the right one

What you'll get

  • A full day of interactive learning
  • Inspirational meditations
  • Powerful transformational exercises
  • Lively discussion
  • Handouts & recordings!

When and where

Live online event: November 25, 2023 (10 am - 5:30 pm ET)

If you can't make the live event, you will get the recordings and handouts and can do the workshop when it's convenient for you!

Note: Since you will receive the recordings, tickets are not refundable.


Heartbreak to Breakthrough begins in...








  • Karen Strang Allen

    “I would like to sincerely THANK you from the bottom of my heart for helping and guiding me in this journey! I can finally, after 3 years, say that I forgive my ex. Such an amazing breakthrough...You have a great gift that you need to continue to share, Karen! You have been incredibly generous to us! So lucky for me to have crossed paths with you. Forever grateful!”

    Participant at Break FREE 2015

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “OMG - I loved this! You are doing AWESOME work! Can't believe how wonderful I feel. We explored things I didn't even know I needed. I have a LOT more clarity about the future than before. Thank you!”

    Participant at H2B 2016

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Loved your exercises! Your evaluations are fabulous, very different from what I have done before! Loved the examples, the content, your knowledge. You are FABULOUS! A real magician!”

    Participant at H2B 2018

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful weekend. The information you covered and the personal growth I feel that I achieved were both eye-opening and wonderful. Thank you again for giving of yourself during this past weekend. I've come away with a lot of new information and some wonderful new friendships.”

    Participant at H2B 2019

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “I really enjoyed this workshop. The depth of the material was excellent. Karen's caring and energy flows naturally and she is solid on her knowledge of the material. It is clear that she is committed and convicted in her belief that people can transform their lives for the better.”

    Participant at H2B 2019

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “I wanted to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your workshop this past weekend. What you are doing for Ottawa’s community of single women is nothing short of extraordinary. I found the exercises so useful and beneficial to finally release all past hurts. The story I am telling myself in my head is one of accomplishment and a life well-lived!”

    Participant at H2B 2017

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “This has been an uplifting workshop. Thank you Karen!”

    Participant at H2B 2018

  • Karen Strang Allen

    “Well presented. So much sharing…very meaningful and informative. Most of all, a safe and trusting environment was created.”

    Participant at H2B 2019

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Incredible price!

The value of this amazing workshop is $1,000!

Regular price: Only $197 plus tax (a PLATINUM ticket includes the recordings, presentation and handouts).